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Platinum Points Extension

Get more time to enjoy your Points! As an RCI Platinum member, who is also an RCI Points® member, you are eligible to extend your unused Points for Two Use Years, as compared to standard RCI members who can extend their Points for only One Use Year, when they pay the same applicable fee. While extended Points expire at the end of a Third Use Year for standard RCI members, RCI Platinum members will enjoy a Fourth Use Year with no additional fee.

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Receive a 25% discount on the purchase of Guest Certificates which you can share with family or friends! An RCI® Guest Certificate lets them experience a vacation at an RCI affiliated resort booked through your RCI account.

RCI® Deposit RestoreSM

Ordinarily, RCI Weeks® members who deposit a week less than 271 days before the start date of such week can receive full Deposit Trading Power for such week by paying the RCI Deposit Restore Fee. RCI Platinum members receive full Deposit Trading Power for Weeks deposited between 181 and 270 days in advance of their week’s start date and the fee is waived.

Complimentary Unit Upgrades & Changes

When you book your Exchange vacation, just let us know you’re interested in a unit upgrade or resort change. Within two weeks of check-in, if one of the resorts you’ve specified, or a bigger unit at your confirmed resort becomes available, we’ll change your reservation and provide you with the details.

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