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New benefits. More value. Your RCI Platinum® membership just got even better! »
Updated on 24 November 2015

The RCI Platinum® is now enhanced with a higher level of servicing, exclusive discounts and more vacation options.

  Priority Privilege
Have your call answered with a priority line to our knowledgeable vacation consultants, one-day priority access to all Extra Vacations Getaway sales, exclusive access to exchange vacations at selected hotels and resorts before they're made available to standard members for exchange.
  Exclusive Sales & Savings
Receive a 10% discount on all non-RCI Platinum® member exclusive Extra Vacations Getaways and Bonus Week Getaways offers - even those which are already on sale!
  RCI® Deposit RestoreSM
You will automatically receive full Deposit Trading Power for Weeks deposited up to 6 months (180 days) prior to the start date of such Week without paying an additional fee. Standard RCI members pay a fee for this service.

You can also deposit a Week less than 6 months (180 days) before the start date of such Week (but at least 15 days prior to the stated date of such week) and receive the full Deposit Trading Power paying the RCI Deposit Restore fee at the time of deposit.
  Retired Benefits
RCI Platinum® members will no longer receive a rebate when booking Extra Vacations, but will instead receive Member Reward Dollars on Guest Certificate and Combine deposits or Deposit credits.

Lifestyle benefits
We listened. Following member feedback, we replaced the Lifestyle Benefits consisting of golf services, car rentals, limousine services and discounted premium residences with a number of new RCI Platinum® membership features which are more closely related to your core RCI membership.

New enhancement: Improved credit card security feature »
Updated on 24 November 2015

  You are now able to know instantly if your transaction has been successfully completed. No more waiting, no more hassle!

New enhancement: Better web browsing experience on RCI.com »
Updated on 24 November 2015

  We have upgraded our systems to make your online holiday search and booking experience better than before.

New Enhancement: More Personalized Offers just for you »
Updated on 1 August 2015

New Function: Update your profile online »
Updated on 1 August 2015

New Content: 5 Destination articles added »
Updated on 20 July 2015

New Function: Bonus Week Getaways »
Updated on 31 March 2015

New Function: Weeks Expiry Extension »
Updated on 31 March 2015

New Feature: Membership Expiry alignment for Platinum Members »
Updated on 31 March 2015