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Global Story of Successful Partnership


Vacations enrich people's lives. Vacations are so important that more than 6 million people have made a lifetime commitment to improving the quality of their leisure time through vacation ownership and vacation club membership.


In 1974, RCI pioneered the concept of exchange vacations for vacation owners. For more than 30 years, RCI has partnered with its affiliated and licensed resort clients to unlock the full value of vacation ownership and enabled members to experience a world of vacation destinations. By providing the critical component of flexibility, RCI helped transform the world of vacation ownership for resorts and owners alike.


Today, almost half of the world's vacation owners and vacation club members are also RCI members. Seven out of ten resorts around the world linked to vacation ownership are affiliated with or licensed by RCI. In 2004, RCI arranged over 2.7 million exchange vacations, more than three times as many as any other company.



Global Story of Successful Partnership

RCI's role within the vacation ownership industry has always been to serve as a growth partner to its customers, helping to deliver their value proposition by sending their members on dream vacations around the world. For RCI, partnership is more than a way of doing business, it is the very foundation of our enterprise.


Serving as a growth partner began with offering flexibility through exchange vacations, and RCI continues to provide the world's leading exchange services. On a per-member basis, RCI sends its members on vacation almost twice as often as our nearest competitor, creating high customer satisfaction that leads to repeat business, consumer loyalty and strong referral business for developers.


The role of vacation exchange in closing a sale is very important for our licensees, but just as important is the expertise RCI provides in all aspects of resort development and operation. Licensing with RCI offers our developer partners a full portfolio of products and services that help reduce costs, increase closing rates, enhance loyalty and drive strong and sustained growth, year after year.


All of the following services are included as part of licensing with RCI:

•   Product concept development, design, pricing and execution

•   Business consulting, start-up support and feasibility studies

•   The ability to leverage RCI's global brand name

•   Ongoing category advertising and marketing marketplace awareness within China

•   Technology, marketing and sales support Access to RCI's global resort network

•   Access to RCI's points-based vacation exchange system

•   Quality assurance & resort inspection services

•   Back-office systems to manage reservations and maintenance fee collections

•   Club development and operations

•   Inventory and revenue management

•   Sales certification and in-house training

•   New distribution channels for your vacation products

•   Ongoing consultancy


These services are delivered by experienced professionals dedicated to the travel industry who are passionate about the success of our clients. We understand that every business is different, and we work to ensure that we support our licensees' business according to their needs. By providing best-in-class services in areas that are our specialization, RCI allows licensees to concentrate on what they do best marketing and selling ownerships and club memberships and running world-class vacation resorts. In this way RCI licensees achieve their business goals by surpassing their owners' expectations.



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