About Timeshare


It is widely acknowledged that the Timeshare industry we know today began its humble roots in the Swiss Alps around the mid 1960s. Families from all over Europe were vacationing more frequently and determined that it was more affordable for several families to jointly own a chalet or apartment and take it in turns to use it for a period of time hence sharing the ownership of a vacation home. Europe became the epicenter of a building boom once developers had embraced the concept of multi owned properties resorts, selling them in one and two week increments "Timeshare" was borne and the vacation home ownership market had arrived to the masses at an affordable cost to many more families.


Timeshare entered the US in the 1970s and have grown from strength to strength ever since. Early Timeshare developments were mostly located in the South and converted from Motels and Hotels producing one bedroom and studio (efficiency) style units. In 1974 the vacation exchange company RCI was established, timeshare exchange and flexibility of use was created enabling consumers greater options Worldwide through the exchange of their Timeshare Ownership.


The Timeshare Industry experienced a boom period over the next few years with the incorporation of exchange and the general increase in vacation options as consumers had more time and disposable income to enjoy their well earned holidays. The Time Share concept spread like wild fire, notably in Spain and Portugal.

The rapid growth of the Timeshare industry continued into the 1990s expanding the exchange portfolio into Asia and Eastern Europe adding to the 2300 or so developments and 4 million Timeshare Owners Worldwide. Through out the decade the multi billion pound Timeshare market continued to attract both entrepreneurs and large corporations. Some of the Worlds best known travel and leisure names realised the benefits of adding Timeshare interests to their mainstream business models- Hilton, Sheraton, Disney, Marriott's, Ramada, Four Seasons, Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton and Radisson became firm industry figures.


By the turn of the century millions of time share owners, family and friends were owners of vacation ownership all over the World making the timeshare industry a huge success. Timeshare today extends to over 100 countries and nearly 4,000 resorts. Timeshare owners come from some 195 different countries with approximately 45% from the United States.